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Re: [PLUG] Re: Mail setup questions

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> Well, my user name on my system is jbeck (localhost.localdomain), and my
> server is jbeck also, though I need to log into my Pop3 server using my full
> domain name ( to be able to get my email...  Do you think
> that will work with Pine?  If not, is fetchmail something that you could
> explain how to configure so I can use to get my incoming mail?

I think I saw someone posting stuff about fetchmail in a previous, similar
thread, on here.  The fetchmail FAQ
( is helpful.

The gist of it (assuming you are using pop3), is to have a .fetchmailrc
file, like so:

# Sample .fetchmailrc
poll popmailserver
        with protocol pop3
        username yourusername password yourpasswowrd is yourlocalusername;

put this file in your home directory, then do "chmod 600 .fetchmailrc" to
make sure noone else can read it (since it will contain your password in

run fetchmail, or if you want it to download your mail every X seconds, do
"fetchmail -d X"

if you want to keep messages on the server, download all messages no
matter what, etc, then do a "man fetchmail" to see more configuation
options and such.

good luck,

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