jbeck on Wed, 24 Oct 2001 23:04:48 -0400

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[PLUG] Re: Mail setup questions

As for incoming pop3 mail, I was under the impression that unless your
username on your local system matches the username for your remote pop
server, pine's pop retrieval won't work.  I've always used either
fetchmail, or a program called getmail
(http://www.qcc.sk.ca/~charlesc/software/getmail-2.0/getmail.html) to
handle incoming mail.  Getmail seems to be a little less cryptic in my
opinion, in terms of configuration, although I use fetchmail exclusively
right now.

Well, my user name on my system is jbeck (localhost.localdomain), and my server is jbeck also, though I need to log into my Pop3 server using my full domain name (jbeck@jbwd.net) to be able to get my email... Do you think that will work with Pine? If not, is fetchmail something that you could explain how to configure so I can use to get my incoming mail?

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