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Re: [PLUG] Re: Mail setup questions

> Thanks Kevin.  That seems simple enough.  Just to be clear, configuring Pine
> will cover my outgoing smtp needs, as well as my incoming POP3 mail, right?
> What I am understanding is that configuring Pine is all I need to do to send
> and receive email - nothing else is necessary.  Is this correct?  Also, just
> a technicality, but in the sample configuration at the top of this email, I
> didn't seem a place to specify the password for accessing the pop3 server -
> is this an oversight, or is it specified somewhere else?

Configuring the smtp in Pine's Config will handle outgoing mail, yes
(Assuming you are just using your isp's smtp server, and not trying to use
sendmail locally.)

As for incoming pop3 mail, I was under the impression that unless your
username on your local system matches the username for your remote pop
server, pine's pop retrieval won't work.  I've always used either
fetchmail, or a program called getmail
( to
handle incoming mail.  Getmail seems to be a little less cryptic in my
opinion, in terms of configuration, although I use fetchmail exclusively
right now.

Best of luck.


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