jbeck on Wed, 24 Oct 2001 22:09:16 -0400

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[PLUG] Re: Mail setup questions

kevin mudrick writes:

> user-domain=dpagin.net
> smtp-server=smtp.rcn.com
> inbox-path={mail.dpagin.net/pop3/user=paul@dpagin.net}INBOX

Thanks Paul.  I am still having a mental block with this.  Where do I make
the config changes?  Does this assume that I am using sendmail and that it

Run pine, hit S for Setup, then C for Config.

Thanks Kevin. That seems simple enough. Just to be clear, configuring Pine will cover my outgoing smtp needs, as well as my incoming POP3 mail, right? What I am understanding is that configuring Pine is all I need to do to send and receive email - nothing else is necessary. Is this correct? Also, just a technicality, but in the sample configuration at the top of this email, I didn't seem a place to specify the password for accessing the pop3 server - is this an oversight, or is it specified somewhere else?

Thanks again,


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