Zachary Whitley on Tue, 30 Oct 2001 17:30:14 +0100

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Re: [PLUG] Regarding employment

Observation from Bill's resume.

* Last employer The Sycamore Group
* Under link "Career Opportunities"
* Impression "wow look at all those jobs"
* Reality "just because people are soliciting for jobs doesn't mean
they're hiring"

Just getting an employer to be honest about there current status with
regard to hiring is difficult. HR people will always tell you they're
hiring and companies will send out there junior execs to interview just
to give them some practice interviewing people with no intention of
hiring you what so ever.

Military contractors will be receiving more money but the additional
funds received as a result of the "war on terrorism" will be spread out
among many governmental departments and although 2 billion here and 2
billion there might seem like a lot of money it is a small percentage of
there overall budgets. Yes, Lockheed Martin did receive a 200 billion
dollar contract, and yes it is a lot of money but most of it will be
going to their operations in Texas.

As far as I can tell everyone has gotten the word that big military buck
is the place to go and they've been swamped with resumes. 

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