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RE: [PLUG] Desperate call for help - HDD problems...

sorry didn't read the rest of the thread..............

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>Subject: Re: [PLUG] Desperate call for help - HDD problems...
>Paul wrote:
>> > Slap the drive in
>> > an air-tight bag (Ziploc would work fine) and toss it in the
>> > freezer for a few hours.  Pull it out, pop it back in the machine
>> > and see what happens.  You're not going to get anywhere with it
>> > otherwise, right?  I've had this work for me on a couple occasions
>> That is more crazy than anything I could think of!  Couldn't any
>> condensation cause something else to blow up?
>Actually, if it were a mechanical issue, such as a head crash, I can see
>how it is a rather viable option.  By cooling the disk in the freezer
>all the parts contract, thereby pulling the heads of the disk. 
>Condensation can easily be minimized.  If working in a cool dry room,
>there is little humidity to begin with.  Also, if you put the disk in a
>Zip-Lock bag, get rid of the atmospheric air by blowing into the bag
>with an air duster, and then evacuate the bag, there should be little,
>if any moisture in the bag.  The worst that could happen is that the
>small amount of potential condensation might cause a short, in which
>case some of the data could be corrupted, but it really wouldn't be much
>less retrievable by a data center than it would have been in the first
>Hehe, of course if it were a head crash, and there are little iron oxide
>particles all over the place, even if this did work it seems it would
>simply result in another head crash from the particles.  Can't win 'em
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