Bob Razler on Wed, 5 Dec 2001 15:00:25 +0100

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RE: [PLUG] Re: help with domain on cable modem

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I would much rather run my own DNS server and have that level of
control for managing my records.

PS.  Thanks to the list, I am now running PGP with no trouble.  :-)

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Why would you expect your registrar to provide DNS? It's a nice extra
service, but not how it's traditionally been done. Which is to say, I
wouldn't find it that odd to have someone other than the domain
registrar doing dns for you.

- -Jeff

On Tue, Dec 04, 2001 at 10:12:23PM -0500, William Shank wrote:
>  i figured out what is going on, and the bottom line is that you
> pretty much have to pay money to get this to work, with a custom
> registered url.  
> for $30 will route all requests to your url to your
> dynamic ip. however, and this is the part i don't really
> understand, most registrars want to point your url to an ip
> address, so you must effectively allow to take over for
> your registrar. i'm confued about how to do this, but i've sent an
> email asking for help - so if i find out i'll let you know.
> -chris
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> Bob Razler writes: 
> > Exactly.  All requests to get redirected to the same
> > IP (my home DSL modem, which changes every week or so).  Once the
> > traffic 
> gets
> > there, my firewall decides what internal IP address to send the
> > request/traffic to. 
> > 
> I am sure this is an extremely dumb question, but I will ask
> anyway, seeing 
> as I am trying to do the exact same thing! :-) 
> If your IP address to your modem changes weekly, how does
> know 
> where to redirect to? 

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