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RE: [PLUG] Pascal?

My dad thinks that learning pascal is stupid -- he refers to it as an
academic language with no real uses.  Also hates C, C++, and Java (for no
real reason that I can understand).  This might be where some of the groans
come from.  My dad has been programing stuff on bank computers and
mainframes for at least 20 years (he is also partially responsible for the
9/9/99 problem -- as, they thought #1 it was a cool date to have the thing
stop working on and #2 they never expected the programs to still be in use
anywhere near that long).

As far as Basic -- a friend of mine absolutly loves the language.  His main
problem with it is that there really isn't a good compiler for it.  The
compiler he has can't compile anything larger than some insanely small size
(like 64K or something).  Basic might not be such a bad language if there
were better compilers -- but, who really wants to work on it?


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I remember hearing people referring to Pascal as a concept learning or
teaching language.  I don't hear much about it these days.

Basic suggests basic, and it's a Micro$oft language.

>Since I heard the groans around the room, I have to ask: Why?

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