W. Chris Shank on Tue, 16 Jul 2002 14:45:36 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] new kernel bombs

at this point, RH quirks shouldn't even be a factor, since it's a stock
kernel, not RH sources i'm patching and compiling against.

i'll have to double check it initrd is supported, but i doubt i would have
gotten as far as i did without it.

> On Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 06:42:31AM -0400, W. Chris Shank wrote:
>> can you tell me how to do this?
> i'm not exactly the expert on this, perhaps someone can correct me if
> i'm wrong...
> System.map is a list of the addresses of all the kernel symbols.  when
> you get a stack-trace, the eip points to the specific hex address in
> memory where you were when the crash happened.  again, my memory is a
> little fuzzy, but i believe eip is 'effective instruction pointer', the
> register that contains the machine code instruction currently being
> executed.  you could use that eip to find the closest address less than
> the eip to figure out what function you were in.  you could also attach
> a debugger to the kernel as well and get even more information, but at
> least with redhat (i've never done it myself) that takes even more
> patches and a special debugger.
> of course, this might not be the easiest way to figure out the problem.
>  having read further through the thread, i see you're using grub, which
> i know absolutely nothing about, but it's possible that your problem
> might be related to grub and your initrd getting along... oh, and a
> really dumb question: do you have initrd support enabled in your
> kernel?
> --sean

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