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Re: [PLUG] Postnuke

As far as companies working the employees twice as hard for less pay, it's called accountability. If the system I designed doesn't work, I can lose my job. If a consultant comes in and [bleaps] a million-dollar deal up (as happened last year at my company) the only recourse the company has is litigation which is unpleasant, expensive, and out of control of the company directly (i.e. the curts take over from IT).

I don't get it. Because a company can torture or fire an employee for doing a bad job, the company should work the person harder than a consultant for less pay? (See, I'm not a manager.) Wouldn't it be better to pay the employee well, expect the employee to do a good job within a reasonable amount of time, and not over pay a consultant that you might have to take to court later?

Buying a software solution that requires new skills is tricky. The tendency is to hire consultants and train staff for maintenenace mode after the install-- but it rarely works out that way. It would be nice if companies had the forethought to embrace new technologies when they become available and so they have a trained staff at the ready when a project comes up that uses the new technology-- but how often does that happen (esp. since it's usually non-techs who read about a new idea in some marketroid rag that drive technology decisions)?

Even at home, most people don't understand what I'm doing. I take the time to learn stuff that I don't need to know immediately. I'll explain that, if called upon to do this stuff for real, I need to know HOW in advance! Although, a lot of computer work is about finding a solution as opposed to knowing EVERYTHING in advance, it helps to have some background on the issues.

True or false: The gap between technical and non-technical people is rarely bridged by good management?

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