Chris Mann on Fri, 19 Jul 2002 12:25:44 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Postnuke

We did crunch the numbers, and that fee was for only one database
application. We've about 4 other floating around here as well. That and
the consultants are located in Chicago, and we would be responsible for
travel and lodging expenses for their 4 days per month that they're on
site. While that's fine for the one db app, it leaves our others hanging
out there with no one to mind them. 

Chris Mann
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>>> 07/19/02 12:16PM >>>
On Fri, Jul 19, 2002 at 12:10:10PM -0400, Chris Mann wrote:
: I agree, case in point:
: Consultants (the asp toting ones) offer to manage our MS Sql
: databases.
: Cost 34k/year.
: Time spent per day: 4 hours.
: 34k/year for a part time person? We're hiring a new body. ;)

So, that's $34k/year for a half-time consultant.  Ok, hire someone
time for about what?  $60k or so, for someone worth having that has a
little experience?  Don't forget all of those extra costs associated
having an employee, such as the employer's portion of taxes, benefits,
training, etc.  I bet that $60k/year employee winds up costing when
all is said and done, over $70k/year...

With the consultant, you're not responsible for their salary (directly,
least), you're not responsible for their benefits, and you're not
for their professional development.

Sounds like you've got a decent deal going with the outsourced
Make sure you crunch your numbers before making a choice that you may
ultimately regret...

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