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RE: [PLUG] Dead, unrecoverable Hard drive?

I am not an expert either, but I have had more than my share of IDE
drives that died with the Clicking sound.

The clicking is caused by the head mechanism "banging" against the side
of the HD casing.
The "electronics" of the drive are causing the problem, the
"data" probably still is there, you just can't get to it without
sending the drive to a data recovery center.
The cost of trying to retrieve the data starts at around $500.00 and up
with "NO" guarantee of recovery, and you have to pay up front.

Hopefully you don't have anything important in the disk.
Probably the best thing to do is to get in touch with the manufacturer
to set up your warranty replacement, and start from scratch with your

God Luck


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> Argh - it looks like an 80 gig Maxtor I bought a few weeks has gone
> belly up on me.
> I was on my pc and I started hearing knocking coming from the hard
> drive.  Any action going to the disk hung.  ctrl-alt-bksp pulled me down
> to the shell and I saw the irq errors etc all over the place.  I had to
> switch off.  Tried powering up and got the same knocking - Lilo never
> makes it past "L".
> Should I write off my data?
> -john
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> John Lavin
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