Fred K Ollinger on Thu, 12 Sep 2002 18:20:10 +0200

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Re: [PLUG] secure file deletion with journaling filesystems

> > Windows 98 machine at work,
> >  I have Eraser (  Linux (well, SuSE and
> > Libranet) come with shred.
> > However, a quick look at shred's man page warns that it's not useful
> on
> > journaling filesystems.  This
> > would include reiser, ext3, xfs, I guess all of them except ext2.
> > I'm pretty ignorant about filesystems; is it logically impossible to
> have
> > secure deletion with a
> > journaling filesystem, or is shred just not the tool for the job?

Why just screw around w/ securely deleting, while you can secure your
entire filesystem?

Here's a link that should get you started:

If you don't want people to see deleted files, you probably wouldn't be
too happy if they could see a file while it's not deleted, either.

Let us know how it works, and good luck.

I think I'm going to install this on my test box and give it a whirl.


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