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Re: [PLUG] Impressions of local RHCE training

> 5 day boot camp/test in the Philadelphia area? Any

Just recently took the upgrade test at the Executrain facility.  This 
was only the test, mind you.  I took the 300 course in NC back in 2000.  
My instructor there was Bowe Strickland.  He was a very good instructor.

The Trainer at the Executrain facility was Stephen Murray.  Although he 
did not train me, his proctoring style was excellent and was very 
informational.  After the test we had a long conversation on RH, linux, 
tech and the test.

>From the day I spent with Stephen, I would definitely recommend him as a 
teacher for RedHat to anyone.  I do recommend general knowledge of 
Un*x/Linux prior to training.

> instructors are RedHat employees not Executrain employees.

Yes, they are RH employees.  Both the trainers I've met are very 
knowledgable and are more techies then salesmen.

Feel free to email with more q's.


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