gabriel rosenkoetter on Wed, 2 Jul 2003 16:19:07 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] pre-reboot scripted message?

On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 10:29:06AM -0400, kaze wrote:
> Can the OS somehow reply to for example a 'shutdown -r now' with a message
> like "open the lid on ns2 for a successful reboot"?

It's poor etiquette, but you can write an rc script that includes a
read (that's a shell builtin; see your favorite shell's man page)
so that it will hang till someone pushes a button.

It's up to the person rebooting to not be an idiot and ignore the
message you display ("press return AFTER opening the lid on ns2"),
but it'd work.

It's typically poor etiquette because requiring user intervention in
the booting of a machine is a bad idea for something that's supposed
to run unattended.

Is there anything wrong with just tucking the laptop back on a shelf
with its lid open?

gabriel rosenkoetter

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