amenex on Fri, 4 Jul 2003 11:24:05 -0400

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[PLUG] A note of thanks to Linux

Hello PLUG !

I feel faint.  Hooked up my Epson scanner to the BookPC running
Mandrake Linux.  Worried a bit when no acknowledgement of the
new hardware appeared during or after bootup.  Looked around
a little and found out that it had inded been detected, but that
there was no way to access it.  Looked around a little more, then
found DrakeScanner and put that to work.  Got to something about
whether I wanted to do a Manual Install.  I shuddered and clicked
"yes."  A couple of clicks later, it was up and running; the CDROM
door opened and I dutifully supplied the required CD's.  All of this
took mebbe five minutes.

Then I started Gimp and stumbled around there for a couple of
minutes.  Found out how to scan; tried it; even learned how to
rotate the resulting upside down scan.

Long and short: Installation of hardware was easy;
Manual was easy & informative, using non-geek language;
And Gimp looks even better than I remember.

All in all, an impressive performance.

Now: when's a "back" button gonna appear in the W/P
S/W ?

Best regards,
George Langford
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