Ian Reinhart Geiser on Fri, 4 Jul 2003 12:41:09 -0400

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[PLUG] Slow access to internet... sometimes

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	I think I have screwed up my firewall enough that im about ready to beg for 
help. Until google can handle confused user queries im kinda stuck :)

I have a netgear firewall, that basicly has a web interface to configure the 
device.  Its config seems very similar to how you would setup a linux box in 
the same capacity (this could be because it is a linuxbox under the hood ;)

At any rate, it has portforwarding, that you can setup, in my case I forward 
the WAN -> Server on my LAN interface.  Now this is where things get strange.
I use myip.org to forward my IP.  When i access geiseri.myip.org from the 
outside world (not my IP and comming in via the wan) its fast.  When i access 
the server as its internal name or IP on the lan, from the lan its fast, BUT 
when i access the server as geiseri.myip.org from the LAN interface its dog 
slow... were talking like 500Bps slow and stalls...

Could I have screwed up a route? Could I have screwed up a DNS entry locally?  
Is there somthing im forgetting to configure on the firewall? Is there a 
checklist for stuff to configure?  I cannot figure out where to start looking 
on this, any hints?

	-ian reinhart geiser

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