Michael C. Toren on Fri, 4 Jul 2003 13:26:05 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Slow access to internet... sometimes

> At any rate, it has portforwarding, that you can setup, in my case I
> forward the WAN -> Server on my LAN interface.  Now this is where things
> get strange.  I use myip.org to forward my IP.  When i access
> geiseri.myip.org from the outside world (not my IP and comming in via
> the wan) its fast.  When i access the server as its internal name or IP
> on the lan, from the lan its fast, BUT when i access the server as
> geiseri.myip.org from the LAN interface its dog slow... were talking
> like 500Bps slow and stalls...

Okay, so just to confirm -- on your LAN you use RFC1918 space which the
netgear gateway NATs for you, and the server in question sitting on your
LAN has no knowledge of the public IP address that geiseri.myip.org
resolves to?

Assuming what I wrote above is true, when you connect from the workstation
to the server's public IP address, what address does the server see the
workstation as coming from?  Are you sure you have any connectivity at all
-- are you able to ping the server's public address from your workstation?

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