Geoff Rivell on Sun, 6 Jul 2003 09:24:04 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Gentoo does the realignment two-step

On Sunday 06 July 2003 08:47 am, Fred K Ollinger wrote:
> I'm a bit confused about how gentoo users need to wait for anything. The
> whole thing is free software and as far as I have heard, they compile
> vanilla sources from source. So they never really need to worry about who
> "owns" their distro. At least that's what I heard. I never managed to get
> gentoo installed myself so I'm open to corrections on this.

Yeah, its pretty easy to keep on a bleeding edge with Gentoo.  Like when 
QuickRip 0.7 came out, I just copied quickrip-0.6.ebuild to 
quickrip-0.7.ebuild and did an 'emerge -uD world'.

Compiling can take a bit of time, but I have a 2 GHz p4 laptop so its not 
noticable.  Once things are setup, I just compile in the background and go on 
using the system.

Debian still for the server though :)  Mostly because it just works and I 
don't have to use it.  It's just a tool.  So unless the hd fails, it remains 

I'm not in a change distrib mood anymore, so I'll stick with Gentoo.  I made 
the jump from Debian to Gentoo out of curiousity since its source based.  I 
like the setup and fast pace, but a distrib is a distrib.  They all are 
basically the same once you get them installed.

Geoff Rivell.

P.S.  Anyone go to the Pearl Jam concert July 5th?  I was in the lawn front 
row.  Had a great time except for my current lack of sleep :-P

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