Mike Leone on Mon, 7 Jul 2003 01:51:26 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] verizon dsl pppoe help tonight

M.Simons (msimons@slackware.com) had this to say on 07/02/03 at 17:40: 
> besides pitching the 3rd annual linux event, I will also be at the meeting
> beggin' for help, with computer in tow..
> I have been trying to get a system going that will hookup with my verizon
> dsl/pppoe.. to no avail.. I dunno what I am doing wrong, I have been
> seeking the help of pinkee, and sent two emails privately to two list
> members that I thoiught might be able to help me, but neither has
> responded as of yet.  currently I have a debian (stable) box. previously I
> was attempting a LEAF distro on a much older system.

Yeah, sorry about that. I haven't run a PPPOE system in like 3 years now,
but I was doing it on LEAF at the time. The newest incarnation of the LEAF
(the Bering derivative) does have PPPOE support, but I'm not aware of anyone
running LEAF locally who is also using PPPOE.

That PPPOE is (or was) the Roaring Penguin pppoe support.  Beyond that, I
don't recall very much about the specific config, sorry.

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