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RE: [PLUG] Tech jobs and politics

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M.P. wrote:
> You guys don't pay attention much do you? How is what's happening
> in the tech sector any different from what happened in
> textiles/steel/auto manufacturing?

The biggest difference is that "textiles/steel/auto manufacturing"
have a huge capital investment. You can exert control over your work
force based on this. You must go to the factory to work because the
machinery is too big/heavy/costly for you to afford to do this work
at home.

Before the Industrial Revolution, a good majority of workers would
be considered by today's standards as Small Business Owners. There
is little reason that software development can't work the same way.
Just look at OSS and the quantity of great software that has been
created without everyone having to "go to the office" to get the
work done.

The capital investment for an IT position is much lower. Therefore
the balance should tip back toward the worker's benefit, however...

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