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Re: [PLUG] Tech jobs and politics, and IT diploma mills

On Mon, 2003-07-07 at 11:58, Magnus wrote:
> On Monday, July 7, 2003, at 11:41 AM, Mental Patient wrote:
> > Yes, but its your children they're teaching.
> Not mine.  Homeschooling is still a viable option.  My daughter is only 
> a year and a half old and is already getting some structured teaching 
> time where she's picking stuff up that most kids won't get for a few 
> more years yet.  Can't wait to see what she's doing by Kindergarten.  
> An uneducated but caring family member can do far more to help a child 
> to learn than an apathetic but educated professional that cannot 
> possibly give the level of attention needed to each of their 25+ 
> pupils.  Can't wait to see where my daughter is in a few years when the 
> kindergartners and first graders are just getting preliminary exposure 
> to the things that she's starting to learn now.

I can respect that. Actually, I applaud that. You're quite the
exception. Still, I was just trying to illustrate my point. 

Besides, since you've started teaching... have you noticed yourself
becoming less capable? :) I jest.... 

> The most valuable education I got in my life was from people who had 
> nothing to do with the teaching profession.  My first computer 
> instruction was given to me by the grounds keeper of a summer camp I 
> attended in the 1970's who happened to build computers as a hobby, and 
> taught me how to program in logo as well as basic geometry concepts.  
> The system is broken.  It cannot be patched into working condition by 
> subtle changes here and there.  Until it is nuked & paved, I am 
> withdrawing my children from it and letting more capable & interested 
> parties handle their education.

I completely agree. However, we're certainly in the minority. I'm
self-undereducated. Really, the most important thing a parent can do is
to instill a love of learning in their child. So many people view
learning as a burden. There's an overwhelming number of minds that
simply do not want to know. That do not aspire. 


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