Bob Schwier on Mon, 7 Jul 2003 17:24:04 -0400

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RE: [PLUG] Tech jobs and politics, and IT diploma mills

Another problem is that the pay is not the best and one is supposed to hit
the ground running with what ever equipment happens to be available.  Your
humble servent snagged a classroom's worth of Pentium II's which were
better than what we had in several computer labs.  Unfortunately, I got
them on the last day of school.  No time to do all of the necessary work
to make them truly usable.
I have gotten a billets where I was supposed to be teaching on day one
when I hadn't even had a chance to look at the text book much less
inventory the junk in the storeroom or on the hard drives.

On Mon, 7 Jul 2003, Eugene Smiley wrote:

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> Magnus wrote:
> > On Monday, July 7, 2003, at 10:51 AM, Stephen Gran wrote:
> >
> >> The kids you're teaching (who I'm quite sure are idiots for the
> >> most part, just like every college everywhere) are expecting
> >> 'life to be fair' or some variation, but when businesses don't
> >> have to be fair, they won't.
> >
> > FWIW, there are some real idiot teachers out there as well, and
> > idiot administrations.  My kid brother goes to Pennsylvania
> > Institute of Technology which apparently is a pit (PIT?) that
> > young people sink a couple of years into and come out the other
> > side learning obsolete skills or learning relevant subjects
> > *incorrectly*.  The stuff he brings home from school is really
> > depressing.  I sat in on one of his classes once and had to
> > wonder where they get these instructors from. They are the sorts
> > of people who make things up if they don't know the answer.
> Those who can, do; those who can't, teach? ;)
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