Craig Brennan on Wed, 9 Jul 2003 11:36:06 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Tech jobs and politics, and IT diploma mills

You're right, they aren't required to do it, but parents are the first ones to bitch when their kids aren't given what they feel the school should provide.  And who provides it when the school doesn't?  The teacher in a lot of cases.  It's either shell out the money or have a difficult time doing your job.  And it is not part of the job.  It's above and beyond.  Take a year and everytime something you require to do your job breaks, go out and pay for the fix or replacement yourself.  It gets expensive.
Yes, I know the brutal burden of having to carry around the extra several ounces of a cell phone or pager that goes of once maybe every couple of weeks.  Poor baby.  We're I.T. guys not neurosurgeons, obstetricians, or Navy SEALs.  While it is usually important when it rings/goes off, don't overinflate the importance of something that can be fixed with a backup restoration or tweaking some code, or swapping out a part, etc.
I know the trash guys bust their humps.  But really, it doesn't require a whole lot of neurons firing to hoist up a can... it requires brute strength (for my trash guys, it doesn't even require that... they have a hoist on the truck - they give a little push and stand there and watch a can go up and down).  Comparing that to teaching (or I.T. or other blue collar jobs like carpentry, electrician, etc.) is comparing apples and oranges.

"William H. Magill" <> wrote:
And by the way, there is nothing in their contract which stipulates
that a teacher has to use their own funds to pay for "school supplies."
That they want to do it may be a fine and nobel action on their part,
but don't complain to me that they are forced to do it. ... How many of
them are on 24x7 call with pagers and cell-phones? It's part of the
job. Similar with grading at home -- 7:30-3:30 sounds like an 8 hour
day to me.

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