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Re: [PLUG] Tech jobs and politics, and IT diploma mills

> I'm not arguing that we all don't want to make more money, but only  
> that the whining by the Teachers Unions about being under-paid, is just  
> that... whining. [And when you include the Paid Time OFF.. ie school  
> holidays, it is only 9 months of work, not 10. Even when I worked for  
> the University, I only got 26 days off per year, and that was about  
> twice as many as any in other business except Government Employees and  
> teachers.]

> How many of them are on 24x7 call with pagers and cell-phones? It's
> part of the  job.  Similar with grading at home -- 7:30-3:30 sounds
> like an 8 hour  day to me. ... I'd love to have an 8 hour work day.
> Haven't seen one of  those since I can't remember when. Coaching after
> school sports ...  

wow, talk about whining..  apparently the slave laboring tech employment that
*you* seem to be whining about still gives you enough free time to write long
rambling posts and research quite meaningless statistics.

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