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Re: [PLUG] Community Service Project

Back in the day - Thursday 10 July 2003 10:40 am, you e-mailed:
> On Thursday, July 10, 2003, at 07:42 AM, kmhryhpdblyx@spammotel.com
> wrote:
> > Will they need a Red Hat Network subscription to keep the systems up
> > to date?
> No.  There is a free subscription option for RHN.  The cost of it is
> that once every quarter (IIRC) you have to fill out a survey.

One caveat:  They release updates to the subscription base first and allow the downloading traffic to subside before they make them available to those who opt just to answer the survey.  This is why I abandoned RH as a distro last year.  When the ptrace vulnerability was patched by RH I couldn't get the patch from RHN for what was for me an unacceptably long delay because I didn't subscribe.  

BTW, I know well that I could have (and did) recompile manually, but then I had to disrupt the automagic kernel update routines via the RHN utility (which is otherwise pretty slick) and I wasn't willing to hack into all that just to make it possible for RHN to make my systems less free.

I don't mind not getting the latest version of something like mutt or mozilla until the subscribers have been to the bit trough, but this was an entirely different issue IMHO.  I tried to get some response from them about this problem--no answer to four e-mails after two weeks, so I left RH completely.

No hard feelings, this $$$-based strata is just not for me.  For the same reasons, it might be a problem for this project.
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