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[PLUG] Re: Community Service Project

On Thu, 10 Jul 2003 wrote:

> Will they need a Red Hat Network subscription to keep the systems up to 
> date?  I'm concerned that a subscription will either be too expensive or 
> too complicated for the kids.  Would a Debian-based distro with a scheduled 
> apt-get update/apt-get upgrade be a better choice in this situation?  Or 
> did you have another idea on how to administer all of those machines?

You do not need RHN at all ever to keep RHL up to date. That is why there
are a whole slew of "Official Red Hat Mirrors". All you need to do is install
yum or apt rpm or something similar and those that have internet connections
can have the updates automagically installed. I maintain ~20 machines using
yum. For this project you could Just point them at a repository and let 
them pretty much take care of themselves. If the families do not have an
internet connection then the updates are not that important. 

You might also want to think about installing gShield, Shorewall or something
like that on them to have it automagically come up and firewall all connections
from the utside for these machines. If someone really wants to be able to connect
from the outside they will need to reconfigure but presumably that would be the

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