Paul on Fri, 11 Jul 2003 01:17:09 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Community Service Project

Sandy Basickes wrote:

dear People:
I do not see the big advantage of linux over win 98.
if the computers are set up, the children can use them.
they will get a feel for a computer the teacher will have to teach them. Most people are familiar with windows. They do not know linux.
sorry to be a wet blanket.
with that said, we will still be happy to help in the install fest.
stan & sandy basickes

Advantages of Linux over Win98: People like Jon. People like everyone here willing to help out. The spirit of the Open Source community. The possibility that a license for Win98 might cost more than the hardware (monitor not included), or at least more than some people can afford. The fact that Win98 is great for games while Linux is great for learning about computers (and playing some games). There are many, and better, reasons to choose Linux over Win98, but I won't even try to list them all here.

Topics that I wanted to bring up--training and help. Book donations, volunteer technical support, a project Web site created specifically to help the recipients of the Linux PCs? PLUG, Jr.?

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