Bob Schwier on Fri, 11 Jul 2003 12:31:14 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Community Service Project (Devil's advocate)

I've seen mostly PC's in the upper grades.
Though, to add my two cents before it gets devalued,
Once you have a functioning system with an effective gui, the underbelly
should be invisible and the thing should not provide any real heart ache.
The children should not really have to deal with the issues caused by
crashes or there should be a method for them to get the necessary
information through the school.  I say, through the school, because if
e-mail is involved in the broken system, it is simply another hassle.
I did run into an incredibly ignorant administrator who had suzaintry over
the computers at our school.  The woman who did the actual computer work
left in disgust.  My own experience was that I was going to try to salvage
some old machines for which they had lost the permissions on the operating
system.  I stated that correctly.  I was going to try to bring one up on
Linux as a test and was strictly forbidden from it.  She also reclaimed a
lab that the science department had gotten functional and decided it
should have a special purpose that did not make it accessable for the
science people.
For those who have read the latest Harry Potter book, Professor Dolores
Umbridge is a very real presence in any school system where the politics
of management trumps the supposed purpose of education.
May I submit that the problem is most solvable by giving the gui a feel
that resembles Windows or Mac?

On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, Craig Brennan wrote:

> Not true.   Most schools in Philly run Macs - and old macs at that.  It
> was just a few years ago that I was teaching kids on LCIIIs.
> - Craig
> > Windows will be the most common answer. :-) That's what they've heard
> > of;
> > that's what they've used at their friends' house; that's what the
> > parents
> > most likely use at work (if at all); that's what the PCs at school
> > (likely) run; it's what they use at the library, probably.>
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