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Re: [PLUG] Community Service Project (Devil's advocate)

In the interest of not confusing the kids, I also think that the younger
you get the child, their familiarity with Linux will probably equal their
familiartity with Windows - zero.  I think the beauty of an idea like this
is that you pretty much get a tabula rasa to mold and shape with whatever
OS you give them.  Plus, the younger the kid, the more they will at least
try to adapt to whatever you throw in front of them.  Imagine 5 years down
the road when they blow their computer teacher's mind when they raise
their hand and say that they use Linux at home.

When I taught in Philadelphia (North philly), the familiarty issue was
with Playstation vs. Nintendo 64.  Computers never entered the equation. 
The rare exception was having a middle-class relative who lived in the
burbs or a nicer part of the city.  Then they had some knowledge of Word
and how to use a browser.
--- "Arthur S. Alexion" <> wrote:
> Kyle R. Burton wrote:
> >If it doesn't cost the installers any more to do 98 vs Linux, why not
> poll 
> >the kids and their families and let them choose?  List what each one
> >comes with, the beneifts that we feel relate to each offering and
> >allow them to choose their own destiny (perhaps with an offer to
> re-install
> >their system if they change their minds later?).
> >
> I am reluctant to sound condescending, but I think you are going to 
> confuse and overwhelm the parents by presenting them with such a 
> decision.  Even those with limited computer experience would have 
> trouble with concepts like text editor vs. office suite, web browser vs.
> email client, and so on.  The kids will choose what they know, not what 
> they need to know, that's why they are students.
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