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PLUG Picnic! (Really Re: [PLUG] The Next Step? -- was Community Service Project)

Note: This is really an email about the PLUG, jr. computer re-use project 
idea. I'm just trying to get the attention of "multiple seriousity". If you 
really wanted to read about the picnic, I'm sorry.

On Saturday 12 July 2003 7:23 am, Arthur S. Alexion wrote:
> Paul wrote:
> > I guess it wound't hurt to show an example of the type of computers,
> > if any, they currently have access to.  For example, on one side we
> > have an obsolete Apple or M$ computer, and on the other side we have a
> > sponsored PC running free, modern Open Source software.  While we ask
> > for help paying for hardware, we offer the software and expertise to
> > help the kids get the most out of the computers.
> Bad idea, IMO.  ( I have more experience with suits than technology
> which you can figure out by reading some of my posts. ;-) ) Alot of
> corporate types see Open Source as anti-capitalistic, if not downright
> socialistic.   We don't need to emphasize it.  We shouldn't hide it ,

I still don't understand how this country has turned into such an 
anti-competitive conglomerate focused business environment. To me, monopolies 
are somewhat socialistic and downright anti-capitalistic.

Free Software (as in speech) means that any companies that want to can be 
involved offering products and services making profits. It re-enables a truly 
competitive free marketplace. To me, this is the opposite of a socialistic 
environment. I think a lot of companies are just scared that they can't 
compete in a fair environment, and they might be right.

Look at the growing number of similar applications in Open Source (Office 
Suites, Groupware Solutions, etc.). Now, look at the long consistent track 
record of reduction in similar applications under Windows (Again, Office 
Suites, Groupware Solutions, etc.). There used to be a number of Word 
Processing programs and Email/Groupware/PIM applications under Windows. 
Proprietary Windows applications eventually get beaten out of business or 
consolidated into M$ products. Unless they are satisfied with remaining a 
very distant also-ran.

But, I get off topic again. Too easy, this is a big sorespot with me.

> either, because they are impressed when we have a well vetted solution
> to  the  cost of ownership issue.
> > Is the rest just statistics?  Or could we offer real stories of kids
> > who would benefit from this project?
> Stories of kids would work well, but PLUG, Jr. will be a great selling
> point.  Donors, like the Pew Trusts, want to see a viable plan (open
> source) and a long term committment from us (PLUG, Jr.), before they
> chip in.

Not familiar with working with donors, etc. I would imagine they would also 
want to see leadership experience and experience working with these types of 

Where's that "multiple seriousity" guy? Doesn't he already work with 
organisations helping make use of "reclaimed" hardware for less fortunate 
individuals and nonprofits? Or something like that? Not sure what his email 
address is, or website.

I know, I'll change the subject line to the PLUG picnic. That will probably 
get his attention. I just hope it doesn't annoy anyone too much.

> A presentation has to balance the hard facts (we know what we are
> undertaking) with the warm and fuzzy (why these kids deserve it), and it
> helps to show that the corporate community will benefit from better
> prepared future employees.

Also, possibly show how the tax incentives and community relations PR will 
benefit these companies.

Jason Nocks

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