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Re: [PLUG] The Next Step? -- was Community Service Project (Devil'sadvocate)

Arthur S. Alexion said:
> It depends on how you structure it, and the donors will let you know
> what they need.  Basically, if they are giving cash or property
> directly, they will want to give it to an IRS 501(c) non-profit.  If
> they have their own foundation to distribute the computers to the
> families, it won't be necessary.  If they fund PLUG, Jr., it will have

Team Children is a non-profit and we could get the donations made directly
to them to pay for the computers.  Sounds like were in the clear...

> to be a non-profit.  So, anything they give to an entity to distribute
> to the individual beneficiaries, that entity has to qualify.  If they
> use an existing entity, and we (PLUG) does not act as a go-between, just
> in a consulting and co-donating capacity, we don't have to be a
> qualifying entity. Maintaining 501(c) statuscan be a job in itself, so
> it is to be avoided if possible.


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