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Re: [PLUG] The Next Step? -- was Community Service Project (Devil's advocate)

Paul wrote:

Arthur S. Alexion wrote:

Stories of kids would work well, but PLUG, Jr. will be a great selling point. Donors, like the Pew Trusts, want to see a viable plan (open source) and a long term committment from us (PLUG, Jr.), before they chip in.

A presentation has to balance the hard facts (we know what we are undertaking) with the warm and fuzzy (why these kids deserve it), and it helps to show that the corporate community will benefit from better prepared future employees.

Better future employees and/or less criminals?

Either would be a good thing, both would be a better thing . . . and most importantly, *for everyone*.

As Magnus pointed out, becoming an official non-profit organization might be important. That sounds like a lot of effort to go through for one LUG. Since other LUGs seem to come up with similarly great ideas, what if a multi-LUG non-profit were formed?

It depends on how you structure it, and the donors will let you know what they need. Basically, if they are giving cash or property directly, they will want to give it to an IRS 501(c) non-profit. If they have their own foundation to distribute the computers to the families, it won't be necessary. If they fund PLUG, Jr., it will have to be a non-profit. So, anything they give to an entity to distribute to the individual beneficiaries, that entity has to qualify. If they use an existing entity, and we (PLUG) does not act as a go-between, just in a consulting and co-donating capacity, we don't have to be a qualifying entity. Maintaining 501(c) statuscan be a job in itself, so it is to be avoided if possible.


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