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Re: [PLUG] Non-Profit -- was The Next Step? -- was Community Service Project (Devil's advocate)

On Saturday, July 12, 2003, at 01:15 PM, Barry Roomberg wrote:

Non Profit setup?

Painful! Bylaws, officers, accounting, etc, etc, etc.

Been there, done that, nowhere near as bad as you suggest.

Meeting after meeting after meeting into the middle of the night.
For political crap, not technical learning.

With respect, I think your perception is wrong. I was involved with TriLUG for several years before coming up here, and was an officer until the day I moved to PA. Most of the business of the LUG is handled in IRC or email when votes do need to be taken up. The one guy who has a lot on his shoulders is the treasurer, but the paperwork required is similar to balancing a checkbook and filling out the IRS "short form".

The biggest pain is the initial incorporation.


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