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Re: [PLUG] Non-Profit -- was The Next Step? -- was Community Service Project (Devil's advocate)

Paul wrote:

Wait a minute. Why don't we have the sponsers donate each individual PC to each individual family? That way we aren't receiving anything of value. The software is free. Our time is free.

A /little/ oversimplified, but on the right track. The sponsor usually makes the call on this one. For example, Ford Motor Company won't donate to a family because there is no tax relief in giving to an individual. On the other hand, FMC can give through the Ford Foundation, since the latter is a non-profit. In that case FMC gets a write off when transferring to FF. FF doesn't care about a write-off since it is a non-profit. But FMC may not want to get FF involved in /our/ project, even if it is willing to fund it. Scale and a lot of other factors dictate. So FMC may be willing to either give to us -- if, and only if, we are a non-profit -- or have FF give to us, so that we administer the charitable work.


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