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Re: [PLUG] Community Service Project (Devil's

On Saturday 12 July 2003 10:21 pm, Ziegler, Scott wrote:
> Jon,
> You may want to stick to corporations as they typically are on 3 or 4 year
> replacement cycles. The hospitals with their tight budgets may not be
> upgrading as frequently.
> Another idea may be to get the high school seniors of the district
> involved. In my school district the seniors are required to do a senior
> project in order to graduate and I believe that may be a state mandated
> requirement. We have had discussions in our district technology planning
> sessions about having the seniors put together a community outreach
> program, as their senior project, where the seniors can tutor the public
> (in this case the recipients of the PC's). If this could be set up the PLUG
> community could train the smaller group, the seniors, and be the support
> for them.

I'd suggest just asking the parents, kids, teachers, etc. for volunteers to 
help get a PLUG jr group going. You just never know who might step up to the 
plate. If one of the kids is really motivated, why not let them take on 
whatever they can reasonably handle. This is all hypothetical and I think 
it's just a matter of trying to get the ball rolling and see what happens.

-Jason Nocks

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> Chris Mann said:
> > So...
> >
> > If we decide *nix is the way to go, how are we going to pass the
> > knowledge contained collectively in our wetware to these "eager young
> > minds of tomorrow?" I suppose we could ask them to meet at a place and
> > give them tutorials. But what about actually going into their homes and
> > helping them? I mean, isn't that what we're doing by giving them pc's?
> > We're going into their homes via hardware, why not via wetware? I bring
> > this up because I'm kind of worried that the families will get the pc's
> > and be happy and grateful. Then we tell them that yes, indeed! We will
> > show them how to use them etc, just be meet us here at 8pm on the second
> > tuesday of next week. They could have every intention of showing up but
> > for what ever reason don't make it. So they're left with half the story.
> > But if we not only give them the machines, but we also say "OK, if
> > you're interested in learning more about how to use what we gave you,
> > put your name on this list (PLUGJR), and you'll be assigned a mentor.
> > Your mentor will swing by and show you how to do everyday things and be
> > available to answer your questions as you go on in learning. I think by
> > doing this, we not only reach out into the homes, but also reach out and
> > guide. We guide those who want to, and those who don't....well....
> Chris, you ROCK!  This is why I _love_ the open source community, I put
> out this idea and PLUG has responded with such great ideas.  Ideas that I
> might not have come up with without throwing my plan out there for
> comment.  I would really like to thank everyone for all of their input.
> I obviously have a lot of work to do.  First is finding corporate sponsors
> willing to put up the cash for these systems.  They might be used, but I
> believe they are at least PII if not PIII's.  So they're not total junk.
> Now I have to figure out the best way to approach these corporations.  I
> don't think that email is appropriate.  I was thinking of developing some
> sort of package with what we're a trying to do and a layout of the types
> of systems we are trying to purchase.  Then present it in person to their
> PR department.  I was thinking of approaching major corporations in the
> Chester area like: Boeing, Sun Oil, Widener Univ, Fischer Tank Co., and
> Crozer-Chester Medical Center.
> Chris, once again excellent idea!
> Jon
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