epike on Tue, 15 Jul 2003 10:46:11 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] dig returns "Transfer failed", what to do?

> > localhost.localdomain[4]% host hagibis.madugas.org
> > hagibis.madugas.org has address
> > localhost.localdomain[5]% host darna.madugas.org
> > darna.madugas.org has address
> > 
> > you wont get these hostnames if you knew just the
> > IP numbers.
> ... because you don't control 115.245.207.in-addr.arpa, and you have
> a (somewhat) backwards ISP that won't set reverse DNS entries for
> you. (Check out the forward and reverse on eclipsed.net, for
> instance. Then do a reverse lookup on some of the neighboring IPs.)

Oh no my ISP is great, just to set the record straight,
they are happy to reverse map my domain but
I got lazy and did not follow thru--I left it alone pointing
back to them.  My ISP is 
one of the great ISP's mentioned in this list, and I recommend it
to my friends.

e pike
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