kaze on Tue, 15 Jul 2003 12:59:06 -0400

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RE: [PLUG] dig returns "Transfer failed", what to do?

--> A: Because of this problem.
--> Q: Why do top replies suck so much?

Yeah, true, but its also the easiest way to keep the headers with names and
times, and to make sure the new stuff is visible right away; but point
taken - I'll try to do better.

--> And, in any case, intelli-media.com's reverse DNS looks to be
--> completely broken:
--> humbug:~% host www.intelli-media.com
--> www.intelli-media.com is a nickname for intelli-media.com
--> intelli-media.com has address
--> intelli-media.com mail is handled (pri=20) by mailbag.voyagerhosting.net
--> intelli-media.com mail is handled (pri=10) by email.intelli-media.com
--> humbug:~% host
--> Host not found.

Yeah, well we'll blame ATX for that, maybe that's why they're denying me
zone transfers, to hide their shame. Once it's in-house I'll post to the
list and we can see how it compares.

--> On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 11:49:29AM -0400, kaze wrote:
--> > If I may restate the question: How can you collect the data
--> needed to create
--> > zone files on an existing domain - other than simply doing a
--> zone transfer
--> > from it?
--> By looking at the computers you think should exist within that zone
--> and creating new files. You simply cannot, reliably and in the
--> general case, replicate a zone without access to the zone's
--> information (and people frequently restrict zone transfers because
--> transferring zones is a decent way to get a feel for a network in
--> order to begin mounting an attack against it... if nothing else, it
--> lets you do a scan with a tool like nmap and set off fewer alarms by
--> not probing hosts that don't exist).
--> This isn't a wholly bad thing. It's quite possible there's out of
--> date garbage in the existing zone and, presuming it's not
--> tremendously large (I wouldn't even *consider* trying to
--> reconstruct, say, swarthmore.edu by hand), rebuilding from scratch
--> may be a good spring cleaning that would actually have been more
--> painful if you'd gone reading through the existing zone for stale
--> records.
--> --
--> gabriel rosenkoetter
--> gr@eclipsed.net

Agreed. I intended to clean them up all along, I just want(ed) something
working to compare it to. Kind of build a new one from scratch by addition
and clean the old one by removal and check to see that they end up the same.

Continued thanks,
- Zake

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