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[PLUG] BSD vs. GPL (was: Which license?)

On Fri, 2003-07-18 at 16:35, Mental Patient wrote:
> I'd suggest that before you license your code under a specific set of
> terms, that you be familiar with those terms and not merely a synopsis,
> or a glossed over understanding. The GPL isn't a huge document. Neither
> is the BSD license. Deciding which is better is a subjective process
> much like language/editr/os perference. 

This is very sound advice. Everyone should understand their license
choice to the best of their ability. But again I'd like to point out
that there are many more choices when considering OSS licensing than
just these two.

BSD and GPL represent the two extremes in thought with respect to OSS
licensing: The BSD license is almost completely strictureless, requiring
only that the copyright owner be given credit for their work. No effort
is made to specify what can be done with the work itself or any
derivatives. The GPL requires that the source be made available to all
at the expense of all other interests. This extends to derivative works
of GPL projects as well.

Most people would require either more or less than this for their
projects. This is reflected in the popularity of the Mozilla Public
License which is the most popular license right now.

What do you guys think about these and other licenses? What do you
choose for your own projects, both personal and professional?

Tobias DiPasquale
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