M.Simons on Sat, 19 Jul 2003 17:52:32 -0400

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[PLUG] Picnic Help Needed (computer stuff)


  Well I've posted before and discussed at meeting(s) ....

and the past two years we've had an annual linux anniversary event picnic
(and more -- last year we had a bar night, and a computer/electronics swap
meet in addition to the picnic)..

Well we need help...

The biggest thing we need is:
we need someone to re-create the website with a small database for RSVPs

Then we need people to promote the event(s) to other groups in the region.
(any linux/unix, and other miscellaneous computer organizations,etc.)

You can see the original site at http://philly.linux10.org/  -- you can
use that to rebuild the site, unfortunately their database went wonky and
no longer has the attendees info there..  and I don't have access to the
computer it's on anymore.  Last years' site unfortunately was wiped out in
a disk crash.  (Once it's created, Mike L., mct, or someone can maybe look
into relinking the site from http://plus.phillylinux.org/ where we linked
it last year.)

The database needs to be set up so that people can rsvp, and indicate
whether they are coming to the 1)bar night, 2) swap meet, 3)picnic and
what they wish to bring to the picnic/BBQ.

As far as promoting the event... I would suggest people start searching
for urls, mailing lists, representatives, etc. of other groups in the
(multi-state) area.

This is supposed to be the weekend of August 23rd... so we better get

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