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Re: [PLUG] Which license?

On Sun, 2003-07-20 at 21:41, Kevin Brosius wrote:
> This seems incorrect as and recent
> linux kernel discussions about wireless routers will attest
> ( 
> Distributing products containing GPL software seems to require the
> release of that software, or the return of the code changes to specific
> project.

Excellent finds. I wasn't aware that they had released their code. I
know they were being pressured to release awhile back but I never
followed it. I stand corrected. Thanks :)

> However, if such code was used internally to a company, and not released
> as a product, I don't believe there is any requirement to release
> changes to that code.

This is absolutely true. Many newer IT companies would have severe
strategy changes in order were this not the case.

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