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RE: [PLUG] Verizon Contract coming up

371 said:
>> W. Magill wrote:
>> In case you haven't noticed, Verizon is running TV ads about how
>> Verizon techs make $75K and have full health benefits ...
>> snip
> Tricky wording in that there commercial if you ask me. I'll bet if you
> ask any tech you meet if they're making that 75k and they'll laugh.

As their take-home pay, they'd be right to laugh. As to how much they
(possibly) cost the company in slary and benefits ... wouldn't surprise
me. (isn't the standard figure something along the lines of "average
employee costs to the employer is employee salary + 30% to cover benefits
[health insurance, pension, SS, etc]"?)

If that rate holds, then an employee who makes $50K a year (approx) has
another $22K in benefits, to equal that $75K figure.

> Verizon says something about spending that much total and so is
> including these guys benefits in that 75k figure. I don't know about
> you, but my landlord has never let me use my Cigna card for a copay on
> my rent.

No, but then your doctor would take it, so you save on one side, and pay
on the other.

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