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RE: [PLUG] Microsoft Run High School?

Title: RE: [PLUG] Microsoft Run High School?

do you think they will be allow to have non-MS products?
like Mac's or unix machines?

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>On Fri, 2003-09-05 at 10:07, Craig Brennan wrote:
>> I wonder what the licensing fees are for all that technology?  As a
>> former Philly school district teacher, I'd be willing to bet that was
>> an afterthought, and it will cost them much more than they think it
>> will.
>I was thinking the same thing. I also think it's a disservice to the
>students. Microsoft is only one part of the computer world, and to only
>teach on their products would be a bad move. I would liken it to
>teaching only American history and forgoing world history. The students
>will go on thinking MS is the end all be all of the computer world.
>Personally, I think "This Is A Bad Thing" from both a personal stand
>point and a parental standpoint. I would rather my kidlet learn about
>the different kinds of options available to him and then have him make
>his choice.
>I feel sorry for the people who have to admin this schools network. I
>would imagine most of their time would be spent patching.
>I also think it makes Jon's project even more relevant (not that it was
>ever anything but) and timely.
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