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Re: [PLUG] Microsoft Run High School?

OK, I know I mentioned this topic as a comparison, but we are drifting /way/ off topic. This is my last public reply, but I wouldn't mind a private discussion.

M$ and M$ licensing comes back to haunt us like the Chicken Pox vaccination issue in these ways:

1. Not 100% effective, and sometimes the disease is caused by the vaccination.
2. The vaccination loses its effectiveness over time, when the disease can do more harm; getting the disease naturally produces true, life-long immunity.
3. The vaccination is an expense that is unnecessary and violates basic rights and logical medical practice.
4. This shotgun policy isn't flexible enough to be adjusted to the needs, risks, or desires of individuals.
5. We must get boosters /until/ we get the disease.

To me this sounds exactly like M$.

(I can go on about this particular vaccination because it's the model case against manditory vaccinations.)

Art Clemons wrote:

Uh, chicken pox for example can be deadly or cause serious illness, possibly not to most young children but the risk is severe enoughfor teenagers (and those older) as well as the immune compromised) to justify the age group most likely to spread chicken pox. While you might not like the concept, there is a risk and getting the vaccine early does lessen the severity of any later infection as well as making severe illness in the indvidual a lot less likely. I'll put it another way, the US gov't forces air passengers to undergo searches for a lesser risk statistically.

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