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RE: [PLUG] Linux Printer Reccomendation?

Title: RE: [PLUG] Linux Printer Reccomendation?

maybe you could grab a cheap external HP direct box off
ebay, then you turn ANY printer into a network printer.

Now whether you have the main control be via the RH or
the windows box is up to you, or you could do the choas
route and have each send their own jobs.


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>Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 2:27 PM
>Subject: Re: [PLUG] Linux Printer Reccomendation?
>> Kam Salisbury wrote:
>>>I am in a position to purchase a new laser printer for my home. Does
>>>anyone have any suggestions on brands or models I should
>consider? I want
>>>to hang the printer off of my Redhat box via USB and share
>it out using
>>>IPP for the windows boxes in the house.
>> Ok course I'll be the one to give the standard reply:
>Being more specific, recommendations based on your personal
>and relevant
>The low cost lasers noted at the URL you noted are no longer
>for sale in
>the US (Kyrocera). The others listed at that URL sound great but what
>exactly did you like about them? Did you actually use each model for a
>period of time? How long and how well did the particular model(s) serve
>you? What type of printing did you usually use the specific models for?
>Would you recommend the Linux box hosting the printer via CUPS
>(IPP) as I
>plan to or maybe my saving a few more dollars to spend on an HP with a
>JetDirect that does IPP all by itself? What specific pitfalls,
>or client driver gotchas did you encounter for you to substantiate this
>(Please do not take my response personally, I really am in need of
>concrete advice in this particuliar area. I would definetly
>appreciate a
>"Well... this is what I did and why..." type response if you have one.)
>Kam Salisbury
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