Alex Birch on Tue, 9 Sep 2003 19:21:07 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] diskless linux


> My question is regarding hard
> drives.  Is it wise  building a cluster with diskless nodes?
It depends what kind of connection you are going to use? If it's only
10/100 fast ethernet, I would say yes. Especially if you're going to be
using blast, mpiblast, etc. One the other hand if you're using Myrnet, I
would say no.
You can get Western Digital HDD's 80 gigs for ~65 dollars each.

> I understand linux requires a physical space for memory swapping even with
> a large memory bank (2 Gb).  Can this be avoided?
Depends on the size of the problem. If you compile your own kernel,
especially for a cluster you can get it down to < 1 MB.
This can be avoided by never using all of the physical ram.

Are you planning on using FAI (Debian based), scyld (Red Hat based) or
CLIC (Mandrake based)? for your cluster?

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