Michael C. Toren on Fri, 12 Sep 2003 01:08:06 -0400

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[PLUG] Expert C++ Linux Developer Position, Sockets, IPC, Threads..... (fwd)

Yesterday evening, recruiter@coresearchinc.com attempted to send the
following message to the plug-announce mailing list, which I rejected.
However, perhaps someone on the plug discussion list, where job postings
are more appropriate, will find it useful.


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A great company in South Carolina is looking for an expert C++ developer.
This is a small company that has a great working environment and culture.
Some of the top C++ developers out there are currenlty on these teams. The
open source community thrives within this company. They are building highly
complex distributed systems on the bleeding edge of technology. They need
people who are able to assist in making these systems more scalable and
fault tolerant for the future.

Extensive knowledge of the Linux operating system is a must.

A long history of doing network programming in a unix environment with
Sockets, IPC and multithreaded applications is a must.

Experience with CORBA and specifically ACE/TAO is a plus.

If interested please contact:

Gil C. Vander Voort
Research Consultant

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