Sijian Zhou on Fri, 12 Sep 2003 08:58:09 -0400

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[PLUG] DNS trouble shooting and DHCP/DNS connection

Many thanks to eveybody tried to answer my original
question. I may not make my self clear: 
I am learning DNS/DHCP configuration. I have a DNS
server running in my network. I have a LinkSys NR041
as gateway to internet just like Eugene Smiley's
diagram delow: 


The DHCP can only be configed on
browser( How do I config DHCP or
DNS to feed/take DHCP dynamic ip address? 
BTW, the URL is not
there. For a network < 50 hosts, the NR041 DHCP is
more than enough for me and it is always on. I don't
need worry about to turn my DHCP server on before I
turn on other box.

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