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RE: [PLUG] DNS trouble shooting and DHCP/DNS connection

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--> Sent: Friday, September 12, 2003 8:57 AM
--> browser( How do I config DHCP or
--> DNS to feed/take DHCP dynamic ip address?

This is something I wondered about too, when reading / learning some BIND a
few weeks ago thanks to the PLUG thread "dig returns "Transfer failed", what
to do?" You can allow your DNS clients to update the zone files - this is
turned off by default and in a few places they note that you shouldn't use
it as it is a security risk. I made a note of this as it is opposite to
Microsoft's Active Directory model, where by default DHCP and static
hosts/clients populate DNS.

So it would seem to me a few tweaks in BIND and client conf files should
1. Host to get IP address and other info from DHCP server
2. Host to update DNS server zone files
3. You have LAN dynamic DNS ?

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