Jaiwant Mulik on Sun, 14 Sep 2003 10:45:16 -0400

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[PLUG] X behavior

Hi all,

Strange behavior given the following:
(1) I have X running with the blackbox window manager.
(2) Realplayer is running
(3) 'yes' is running in an xterm.

I now open another xterm and try to move the window. As I click on the
window and am dragging it (but have not yet dropped it), both realplayer
and the output of 'yes' appear suspended. 

I have not yet had a chance to test other window managers, but does
anyone know if this is a wm artifact or an X artifact ? This looks like
too drastic behavior of the seemingly trival task of moving windows.
Just curious.

- regards,
Jaiwant Mulik
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